Beauty Tip – Latisse

One of my biggest insecurities working in esthetics has to have been doing lash extensions for clients as my lashes were getting shorter and thinner.

Sometime last summer I wound up at the dermatologist’s office. After consulting with her and since I was already blessed with pretty dark brown eyes I decided to give Latisse a whirl. The drops worked great but I noticed that the applicators it comes with waste so much product! So, if you’re an avid user of Latisse or Careprost, here’s my suggestion:

Invest in micro applicators.

(You can find these bad boys on Amazon or pretty much anywhere online.)

I use one drop of Latisse per day and I’m able to apply to both lashes and both eyebrows with remnants. Using this method I’m able to extend the life of my Latisse bottle to around three months or so and that, dear friends saves big bucks!




imageDoing esthetics on a regular basis allows me to work with some of the best beauty products in the industry, and I can usually get them at a discount so I tend to have pretty high standards for the stuff I slab on my face. But just today I was strolling along through Ulta and got a little adventurous so I decided to give a layman product a shot.

After skimming through the aisles and reading through some ingredients, I decided on a bareMinerals product called Bare Haven. My skin tends to be a little dry because of the desert air so I thought this product might be a good fit.

Initially I had some hesitation because the third ingredient listed is butylene glycol, which I’m assuming they use as a preservative, but nonetheless is a petroleum byproduct. However, it does also have some great ingredients like allentoin and St. John’s wart extract which help to soften and hydrate.

So tonight begins my journey into beauty product experiment one. I’ll be trying this product over the next week and will report back with a comprehensive review…. Stay tuned!